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1.20 Enable Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access analyzer for all regions (Automated)

Profile Applicability

• Level 1


Enable IAM Access analyzer for IAM policies about all resources in each region.

IAM Access Analyzer is a technology introduced at AWS reinvent 2019. After enabling the Analyzer in IAM, it displays scan results on the console showing the accessible resources. Scans show resources that other accounts and federated users can access, such as Key Management Service (KMS) keys and IAM roles. So the results make it easier for administrators to monitor least privileges access. Access Analyzer only analyzes policies applied to resources in the same AWS Region.


AWS IAM Access Analyzer helps you identify the resources in your organization and accounts, such as Amazon S3 buckets or IAM roles, that are shared with an external entity. This lets you identify unintended access to your resources and data. Access Analyzer identifies resources that are shared with external principals by using logic-based reasoning to analyze the resource-based policies in your AWS environment. IAM Access Analyzer continuously monitors all policies for S3 bucket, IAM roles, KMS(Key Management Service) keys, AWS Lambda functions, and Amazon SQS(Simple Queue Service) queues.


From Console

  1. Open the IAM console at
  2. Choose Access analyzer
  3. Click 'Analyzers'
  4. Ensure that at least one analyzer is present
  5. Ensure that the STATUS is set to Active
  6. Repeat these step for each active region

From Command Line

  1. Run the following command:
aws accessanalyzer list-analyzers | grep status
  1. Ensure that at least one Analyzer the status is set to ACTIVE

  2. Repeat the steps above for each active region.

If an Access analyzer is not listed for each region or the status is not set to active refer to the remediation procedure below.


From Console

Perform the following to enable IAM Access analyzer for IAM policies:

  1. Open the IAM console at
  2. Choose Access analyzer.
  3. Choose Create analyzer.
  4. On the Create analyzer page, confirm that the Region displayed is the Region where you want to enable Access Analyzer.
  5. Enter a name for the analyzer (Optional as it generates a name for you automatically).
  6. Add any tags that you want to apply to the analyzer (Optional).
  7. Choose Create Analyzer.
  8. Repeat these steps for each active region.

From Command Line

Run the following command:

aws accessanalyzer create-analyzer --analyzer-name <name> --type <ACCOUNT|ORGANIZATION>

Repeat the preceding command for each active region.

  • The IAM Access Analyzer is successfully configured only when the account you use has the necessary permissions.
  • You can utilize Lacework's remediation template to resolve violations of this policy. See Remediation Templates.