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2.2.2 Set Auto provisioning of 'Vulnerability assessment for machines' to 'On' (Manual)


This rule has been changed to manual, see Permanently Manual Policies (that were deemed automated) for CIS Azure 1.5.0 for details.

Profile Applicability

• Level 2


Enable automatic provisioning of vulnerability assessment for machines on both Azure and hybrid (Arc enabled) machines.


Vulnerability assessment for machines scans for various security-related configurations and events such as system updates, OS vulnerabilities, and endpoint protection, then produces alerts on threat and vulnerability findings.


Additional licensing is required and configuration of Azure Arc introduces complexity beyond this recommendation.


From Azure Portal

  1. From Azure Home select the Portal Menu
  2. Select Microsoft Defender for Cloud
  3. Then Environment Settings
  4. Select a subscription
  5. Click on Auto Provisioning in the left column.
  6. Ensure that Vulnerability assessment for machines is set to On

Repeat the above for any additional subscriptions.


From Azure Portal

  1. From Azure Home select the Portal Menu.
  2. Select Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  3. Then Environment Settings.
  4. Select a subscription.
  5. Click Settings & Monitoring.
  6. Set Vulnerability assessment for machines to On.
  7. Select the appropriate Extension deployment configuration for the subscription and click Apply.
  8. Click Continue.

Repeat the preceding steps for any additional subscriptions.


Additional Information

While this feature is generally available as of publication, it is not yet available for Azure Government tenants.