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4.4.3 Set server parameter 'audit_log_enabled' to 'ON' for MySQL Database Server (Manual)

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• Level 2


Enable audit_log_enabled on MySQL Servers.


Enabling audit_log_enabled helps MySQL Database to log items such as connection attempts to the server, DDL/DML access, and more. Log data can be used to identify, troubleshoot, and repair configuration errors and suboptimal performance.


There are further costs incurred for storage of logs. For high traffic databases these logs will be significant. Determine your organization's needs before enabling.


From Azure Portal

  1. Login to Azure Portal using
  2. Select your Azure Database for MySQL server
  3. For each database, under the Settings section in the sidebar, select Server parameters
  4. Ensure the audit_log_enabled parameter is set to ON


From Azure Portal

  1. Login to Azure Portal using
  2. Select Azure Database for MySQL Servers.
  3. Select a database.
  4. Under Settings, select Server parameters.
  5. Update audit_log_enabled parameter to ON.
  6. Under Monitoring, select Diagnostic settings.
  7. Select + Add diagnostic setting.
  8. Provide a diagnostic setting name.
  9. Under Categories, select MySql Audit Logs.
  10. Specify destination details.
  11. Click Save. It may take up to 10 minutes for the logs to appear in the configured destination.


Additional Information

You can also configure audit logging via the CLI: