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Load balancer has no backend set (Automated)


Alert when a load balancer has no associated backend sets. Ensure that you configure load balancers with backend sets to control the health and access to a load balancer by defined instances.


A backend set is a logical entity defined by a load balancing policy, a health check policy, and a list of backend servers.

From Console:

  1. Login into the OCI Console.

  2. From the navigation menu, click Networking.

  3. Click Load Balancer.

  4. Select the name of a Load Balancer without a backend set.

  5. To set up a backend set, click Backend sets, then Click the Create backend set button, and specify the required information.

From CLI:

  1. Execute the following command:

    oci lb load-balancer list --compartment-id <compartment_id>
  2. For each Load Balancer listed, ensure that it has a backend set configured. If not, then user the following command:

    oci lb backend-set create --name <name_for_backend_set> --load-balancer-id <load_balancer_id> --health-checker-protocol <HTTP || TCP> --policy <backend-set-policy>

    For example:

    oci lb backend-set create --name my_backend_set --load-balancer-id --health-checker-protocol TCP --policy LEAST_CONNECTIONS