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Agent Management V View

The AGENT_MANAGEMENT_V view provides agent management-related information. This view is available through the Amazon S3 data exporter only.

Each row contains file information as listed in the columns.

Column NameData TypeDescription
MIDIntegerThe Lacework-generated machine identifier of the agent.
CREATED_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the agent was created.
LAST_UPDATETimestampThe time and date when the agent was last updated.
STATUSVarcharThe status of the agent.
HOSTNAMEVarcharThe hostname of the machine.
IP_ADDRVarcharThe IP address of the machine.
AGENT_VERSIONVarcharThe version of the agent.
OSVarcharThe OS of the host.
MODEVarcharThe mode of the agent.