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Alert Types Classified as Container Vulnerability Subcategory


Lacework generates container vulnerability alerts when it detects vulnerabilities within containers and their components.

With container vulnerability alerts, Lacework provides a critical layer of cybersecurity to help your company securely package and deploy applications, stay compliant, and identify and address any new vulnerabilities promptly.

Alert List

The following table lists all the container vulnerability alerts.

Alert NameAlert TypeAlert Subcategory
New security vulnerabilityNewCveDiscoveredContainer Vulnerability
Known security vulnerabilityExistingCveNewInDatacenterContainer Vulnerability
Known security vulnerability discovered in repositoryExistingCveNewInRepoContainer Vulnerability
Severity escalated for security vulnerabilityExistingCveSeverityEscalatedContainer Vulnerability
Fix available for security vulnerabilityExistingCveFixAvailableContainer Vulnerability