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This view provides the applications running on the machine with an agent installed with details (such as application name, user name, machine, etc.) within the last 90 days.

Each row contains file information as listed in the columns.

Column NameData TypeDescription
START_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period starts.
END_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period ends.
MIDNumberThe Lacework-generated machine identifier that uniquely identifies the machine.
APP_NAMETextThe application name detected by the Lacework agent installed on the machine.
EXE_PATHTextThe executable path for the detected application.
USERNAMEJSON ObjectThe username running the application on the machine.
PROPS_MACHINEJSON ObjectThe machine properties such as host name, ip address, machine tags, etc.
CONTAINER_INFOJSON ObjectThe container info provides details about the container where the application is running.
NET_STATSJSON ObjectThe network stats about the application including the number of bytes in and out of the network.
PROPSJSON ObjectThe props provides future relevant information about the application goes here.