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Data Share and Data Export Use Cases

After you obtain data via data share and data export, you can use that data for long-term data retention and to solve problems. For example:

  • Communicate security posture throughout the rest of your company with business intelligence tools and share data with your security teams for operational purposes.
  • Use Lacework's Tableau data share templates to gain insights on your data. Lacework has one template available now and will share additional templates as they are developed:
    • Compliance Summary template: Provides an overview of non-compliant cloud accounts, recommendations, and resources. This overview helps you understand and visualize you data, which you can filter and sort by severity, ID, and section.
  • Create customized reports and measure service-level agreement performance. Apply your business logic as service-level agreement calculations on cloud misconfigurations reported by Lacework.
  • Break down and analyze datasets based on custom behavior.
  • Track compliance status for visibility and other controls directly on cloud data in your preferred business intelligence tool, removing the need to ask cloud admins to pull data from APIs.
  • Apply your business logic to Lacework’s data on assets missing agents to create an actionable visibility gap report for your cloud admins to use independently.