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Lacework Console Login Issues

If you cannot access your Lacework account, read the following sections to learn about possible causes and fixes.

The initial login link that Lacework emails to you is valid for one use only and expires after 10 minutes. Attempting to use this link more than once or after it expires will fail.

Copy and paste the emailed login link directly into the browser.

Allowlist Lacework

Security tooling that parses or validates the URL within email clients on your machine could cause login issues.

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Email

If your organization uses Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Email server, you may experience the following issues:

  • Failed logins to the Lacework Console using the login email sent by Lacework.
    When you log in to Lacework, Lacework sends you an email with a link to the Lacework Console. You may be unable to use the link in the email to access the Lacework Console with an Office 365 Exchange Email server.

  • Emails sent from Lacework are delayed.

  • Emails sent from Lacework are marked as spam and go to the spam folder.

Corrective actions you can take:

Other Environments

If you experience failed logins, you can attempt to resolve the issue by allowlisting the Lacework domain (