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This view provides a historical summary of new file hashes with some aggregation.

Lacework continuously monitors for new file hashes in your environment and returns a row in the NEW_HASHES_V view when Lacework detects a new key. For this view, a key is generated from the MID (machine id), FILEDATA_HASH, START_TIME, and END_TIME. Note that the file hash rows are aggregated hourly. For example, if the same key is detected twice between 1:00 AM (START_TIME) and 1:59 AM (END_TIME), only one row is returned for this hour. For the next hour, the START_TIME (2:00 AM) and END_TIME (2:59 AM) are different so if the key is detected again, a new row is returned because the key is different.

Each row contains information about a new file hash as listed in the columns.

Column NameData TypeDescription
START_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period starts.
END_TIMETimestampThe time and date when the hourly aggregation time period ends.
FILEDATA_HASHTextThe hash value generated by hashing the data in a file.