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Request a Snowflake Data Share

Supercharge your security operations and workflows with your Lacework and Snowflake investments by fully unlocking the potential of your security data lake.

Via Snowflake Data Exchange (SDE)/ Marketplace you can extend Lacework processed/normalized data to report/visualize alone or combine with other business/security data in your Snowflake instance to get insights and make meaningful business decisions.

Lacework Data Exchange Share / “Marketplace” Listing

Lacework can provide a Snowflake share that provides access to the Lacework data collected for your workflow or cloud environments. You can use this data in your applications, for example, you may want to correlate your Lacework data with data collected directly in your environment.


Lacework data share is limited to 90 days of data and is currently available to Snowflake AWS US-west (AWS us-west-2), AWS EU-central (AWS eu-central-1), and AWS AP-southeast (AWS ap-southeast-2) warehouses. The Lacework team is working to expand this availability globally.


  1. You are a Snowflake customer and you can provide details about your Snowflake account. (Account Name & Region)
  2. You are a Lacework customer and you can provide details about your Lacework account.

Contact Lacework to request a Snowflake share with your Lacework data. You must provide your Snowflake account name to Lacework. You can also request from the Marketplace listing as an AccountAdmin.


The Lacework data share is made up of the Snowflake views listed in Snowflake Data Share Views Reference.