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How to Webinars

List of "how to" Lacework webinars.

Getting Ahead: Managing your Auditor with Lacework

Learn to use Lacework’s data collection and automation to reduce the time and toil.

Be in the Know: New Features Review

Learn about Lacework's newest features.

Master Your Craft: Threat Hunting with Lacework

Learn how to master your craft in threat hunting with Lacework.

Container Security: Protection at Buildtime and Runtime

Learn how Lacework can improve your container security posture at both build time and run time.

Host Vulnerability Monitoring

Learn about our Host Vulnerability Monitoring. Get live visibility to active packages and associated vulnerabilities, and (so) much more.

[Expert Series] New Threat Research: The Wild Frontier of Bash Malware

Learn about the potential malware threats of using the 'bash' shell.

[Expert Series] How to Optimize Your Incident Response in the Cloud

Learn how to utilize a strategy that includes visibility and corresponding incident response, allowing you to minimize damage and maintain control.

Move Like a Butterfly, Sting With the Command Line Interface

Learn how Lacework helps DevOps and security teams to quickly access and act on security data, and connect to their existing build workflows with our Command Line Interface (CLI).

Evidencing to Auditors - 40x Faster

Learn how Lacework helps its customers reduce the time spent providing evidence during audits by 40x.