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Use Findings

Click a repository to view its Insights page and click View Findings at the bottom of the page to display the Assessments page.


Comments in IaC Security display only the delta between the default and Pull Request branches.

You can either suppress, fix, or autofix findings.

Autofix Findings


This beta feature is currently available only to limited findings.

In the Assessments page, click the FINDINGS tab to view a list of all findings. Some findings may have a Fix Now button. Click this button to review the fix and open a pull request to automatically resolve the issue.

IaC Assessments

Suppress Findings

  1. Go to the Lacework IaC Security Console.
  2. Click Violations on the left panel to display the Violations page. This page provides the total number of violations in the main and master branches and lists each violation by its severity. It provides the policy summary and severity.
  3. Click a violation for more details to get more details such as the file where it’s coming from and a link to the GitHub repository branch.
  4. Click the Actions menu, then select Suppress to suppress the finding.

IaC Suppress Findings