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Agent Server URL

The default endpoint that the agent communicates with is and the default region is US.

In agent v3.8 and higher, you can specify the agent server URL. This is mandatory for non-US users.

If you don’t specify the agent server URL, the agent assumes that the default region is US and it uses the default endpoint of

Lacework supports the following regions and endpoints:

US (default) (default)
US-02 (US)
European Union (EU)
Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

The following example shows you how to add the Accesstoken and the serverurl option in the config.json file.

{"Tokens": {"Accesstoken": "Your_Access_Token"}, "serverurl": "Your_API_Endpoint" }

Where Your_Access_Token is your agent access token and Your_API_Endpoint is the endpoint for your region.