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Launch Onboarding

The Lacework onboarding process starts when you receive an email invite to join a Lacework account. Onboarding sends you this email when the Lacework administrator for the account adds you as a team member.

  1. Receive your email invite to join the Lacework account.

  2. Review and ensure you have the minimum requirements necessary to integrate with Lacework:

    • Administrator access to the cloud account you wish to monitor with Lacework
    • Administrative access for the host machines where the Lacework agent will be installed
  3. Click Join Now to specify your email address to associate with this Lacework account.

  4. Enter your email address and click Continue to receive an access link to the Lacework Console. Click Return to enter a different email address.

  5. Check your email for a link to the Lacework Console with this account.

  6. Click Go To My Console in the email to display a page that enables you to access the Lacework Console.

  7. Click Get started to proceed from the Hello page. Lacework onboarding takes you to the Welcome to onboarding integration page. You must integrate either your cloud account(s) or install a Lacework agent on your host machine at this point in the onboarding process.

  8. Select one of the two integration options to continue:

    • Config cloud account: Manage compliance and detect vulnerabilities directly by integrating your Lacework account with your cloud account.
    • Install Lacework agent: Monitor workload security for your host and container through an installed agent that interfaces with Lacework.

    Lacework requires that you complete one or both of these integrations to proceed with the onboarding process. Optionally, you can assign these onboarding tasks to another member of your team by clicking Inviting them as an account admin to proceed. Lacework onboarding takes you to the Team members page where you can select or add a member to assign this task.


    Onboarding tasks are accessible only to members added as an Account Admin.