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Onboarding Overview

Lacework offers an easy-to-use onboarding experience to set up the fundamentals for your Lacework account.

As a new user, Lacework onboarding guides you through the initial integration:

  • Integrating with your cloud environments
  • Installing an agent on your host machine

After completing either or both of these required integration tasks for your account, onboarding guides you through the rest of the onboarding tasks such as: configuring alert channels, security authentication, adding team members, and integrating container registries.

Lacework onboarding offers the following:

  • A progress bar and indicators that measure your onboarding and account provisioning progress and mark completed tasks as done.
  • Clear guidance through the required initial integration of your cloud account and/or your host machines.
  • The ability to return to the onboarding process at any time to continue any remaining tasks.

You have the option to go to your new account on the Lacework Console at any time and skip the remaining onboarding tasks. However, Lacework recommends that you use the initial waiting period required to load and process data from your new integration(s) to complete the optional best-practices onboarding tasks.

Onboarding Dashboard

You can return to the Onboarding dashboard at any time from the Lacework Console to continue setting up your new account. To navigate to the Onboarding dashboard page in the Lacework Console, select Settings > Onboarding at any time to return to your onboarding.


If you've completed either or both of the two required integration tasks, and return to the Lacework Console afterwards, you are automatically redirected to the Onboarding dashboard page instead of the initial Welcome to onboarding integration page. If you have not completed either of the initial integration tasks, Lacework redirects you automatically to the Welcome to onboarding page to perform one of the two required integrations.

To exit Lacework onboarding and go to your Lacework account on the Lacework Console at any time, click Go to your Lacework platform. Return at any time to the Onboarding dashboard page to continue with the remaining tasks.