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Upgrade the Windows Agent

Automatic Upgrade of Windows Agent

By default, the Windows agent is automatically upgraded when a new version is available.

To disable automatic upgrade, add the following to your config.json file.

"autoupgrade": "disable"

For improved security and to benefit from new and improved features, Lacework recommends that you do not disable automatic upgrade of the agent.

To enable automatic upgrade again, delete the "autoupgrade": "disable" property in the config.json file or change it to:

"autoupgrade": "enable"

If you modify the config.json file while the agent is running, you must restart the agent for the changes to take effect.

Manual Upgrade of Windows Agent

To perform a manual upgrade of the version of the Windows agent on your host machine:

  1. Uninstall the agent using the instructions at Uninstall the Windows Agent.
  2. Download the latest Windows agent MSI installer using the instructions at Download Windows Agent Installer
  3. Install the Windows agent using any of the installation methods at Install the Windows Agent.