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Lacework Release Updates

Platform Release Notes

April 2024 Platform Releases

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Generally Available
  • Compliance dashboard updates
  • Compliance policy title and content updates
  • Violation policy title updates
  • New datasource support
  • Context panels for resources in the Cloud Compliance Dashboard are now available
  • New composite alert
Limited Availability
  • Update to Code Security Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Terraform scanning

Linux Agent Release Notes

March 2024 Linux Agent Release

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  • Google Cloud Run support is generally available
v6.13 Release Notes
  • Ecosystem certification
  • Support for retrieving instance metadata from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Support for disabling all agent tokens in the Lacework Console

Windows Agent Release Notes

September 2023 Windows Agent Release

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  • Automatic discovery of agent server URL
  • Support for specifying tolerations for agent pods on Kubernetes clusters
  • Support for collecting suspicious PowerShell script execution events
  • Ability to disable collection of suspicious PowerShell script execution events