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Lacework Release Updates

Platform Release Notes

November 2023 Platform Releases

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  • Auto polling for JFrog registry integrations is now supported by the Lacework Platform and Proxy Scanner

  • Updated alert titles and descriptions

  • Tabbed views in the Host and Container vulnerability pages

  • View management

  • Attack path analysis adds support for Azure

  • Active package detection (code aware agent) is now available for containers

Linux Agent Release Notes

November 2023 Linux Agent Release

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  • Resolved an issue with the ssm-agent Terraform module that prevented the agent from connecting to the Lacework platform

  • Support for configuring package and process scan options in the Lacework Console

Windows Agent Release Notes

September 2023 Windows Agent Release

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  • Automatic discovery of agent server URL

  • Support for specifying tolerations for agent pods on Kubernetes clusters

  • Support for collecting suspicious PowerShell script execution events

  • Ability to disable collection of suspicious PowerShell script execution events