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June 2024 Platform Releases

Generally Available

  • Kubernetes Compliance for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

    Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is now generally available for all customers by our Kubernetes Security Posture Management. See Kubernetes Compliance Integrations to learn how to integrate your GKE clusters with Lacework.

    Since public preview, we have significantly increased the automated policy coverage, moving from the ~40%, based on recommendations by CIS, up to ~70% in the latest release, providing a much greater level of automated GKE compliance coverage.

    More details regarding the recently automated policies can be found in the Compliance Policy Changelog for the 16th May 2024 release.

Documentation Updates

  • Information architecture restructuring - We have overhauled the documentation structure at a high level to be more inline with end-to-end user goals.

    Click to show a table that outlines the new structure.
    Getting StartedAn overview of the Lacework platform and the onboarding tasks.
    ComplianceGuidance on our Compliance solution for cloud and Kubernetes environments, including the compliance policy catalog.
    Activity MonitoringHow to monitor cloud and Kubernetes activity logs.
    Workload SecurityAgentless and Agent-based workload security for hosts, containers, and Kubernetes clusters.
    Identity SecurityHow to gain visibility of cloud identities and identify potential risks.
    VulnerabilitiesHost and container vulnerability scanning.
    Risk VisibilityIdentify vulnerable resources using Attack Path Analysis.
    Code SecurityIdentify potential and known vulnerabilities in code.
    AlertsGuidance on alerts and alert management.
    Administrator GuideLacework Console management including authentication, dashboard, and alert channels.
    Resource ExplorerHow to use our Resource Explorer.
    API Reference (unchanged)How to use the Lacework API.
    CLI Reference (unchanged)How to use the Lacework CLI.
    Lacework Query Language (LQL) (unchanged)How to use the Lacework Query Language (LQL) including supported datasources.
    Release Notes (unchanged)Lacework platform and agent release notes.

    To help provide a seamless experience between the old and new documentation structure, there are redirects in place for the now deprecated URLs. If you encounter any issues, please use the Feedback form to let us know.

Known Issues

  • Dashboard shows spike of non-compliant resources on 25th March 2024 - A fix was released on 25th March 2024 to include cloud accounts that are non-compliant due to compliance policy violations. This will have impacted the trend of the Compliance metric data and the number of resources seen in the Top non-compliant resources table.

    From 25th March 2024, cloud accounts are flagged as non-compliant even when there is no related resource (within the account) that can be assessed for compliance. See our Dashboard FAQs for further explanation.