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March 2024 Linux Agent Release

  • Google Cloud Run support is generally available - Support for installing agent v6.3 or later on Google Cloud Run is now generally available. For more information, see Deploy on Google Cloud Run.


    You can deploy the Lacework agent only to the second generation Cloud Run execution environment. The first generation Cloud Run execution environment is not supported by the agent.

v6.13 Release Notes

  • Ecosystem certification - Lacework now supports the following new certified ecosystems, allowing you to deploy agents to these environments with assurance that there are no security gaps in your workloads.
    • Kubernetes 1.29
  • Support for retrieving instance metadata from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - The agent now retrieves instance metadata from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) instances and displays them as machine tags in the Lacework Console.
  • Support for disabling all agent tokens in the Lacework Console - Previously, at least one agent token had to be enabled in the Agent tokens page in the Lacework Console. You can now navigate to Settings > Configuration > Agent tokens in the Lacework Console and disable all agent tokens.