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June 2020 Linux Agent Release


Release Date

June 24, 2020

Available from

Summary of Changes/Improvements

  • Added default support for host vulnerability assessment by the agent. After installing the Lacework agent on hosts, Lacework can assess the monitored hosts for software packages with known vulnerabilities and report them. This feature is currently not supported for agents that are deployed in containers. This feature is currently in general beta.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the agent from always reporting AWS instance metadata.
  • Added agent support for the Alpine Linux operating system. This feature is currently in general beta. For installation instructions, see Install on Alpine Linux.
    • The agent supports the following versions of the Alpine Linux distribution: 3.10, 3.11, and 3.12.
    • An Alpine Linux based agent container has been added.
    • Host vulnerability assessment is not supported for agents running on the Alpine Linux operating system.
    • The agent may fail to report the container details when running on an Alpine Linux OS 3.10.5 host because of incompatibility between the APIs used by the agent and the Alpine Linux 3.10.5 Docker Engine.
    • An agent running on the Alpine Linux operating system does not collect user login data because of a limitation with the Alpine Linux distribution with regards to user accounting. As a result, the 'Insider behavior' Polygraph is not available for Alpine-based deployments.