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September 2022 Windows Agent Release


Release Notes

  • Ability to specify the maximum number of files on which FIM scan should be run - By default, Lacework runs file integrity monitoring (FIM) scan on up to 500000 files. You can specify the maxscanfiles property in your config.json file to change the default. For example, to limit the FIM scan to 20000 files, specify:

    "maxscanfiles": "20000"
  • Command line option to disable automatic upgrade of the agent - When you install the Lacework agent through the command line, you can now use the AUTOUPGRADE=disabled option to disable automatic upgrade of the agent. For example:

    C:\Users\Administrator> msiexec.exe /i LWDataCollector.msi ACCESSTOKEN=Your_Access_Token SERVERURL=Your_API_Endpoint AUTOUPGRADE=disabled

    For more information, see Install Windows Agent through the Command Line.


    For improved security and to benefit from new and improved features, Lacework recommends that you do not disable automatic upgrade of the agent.