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About the Lacework API

With the Lacework API, you can access many features of the Lacework platform programmatically. For example, you can:

  • Create alert channels, alert profiles, and report rules
  • Search and scan container vulnerabilities
  • Obtain audit logs
  • Create cloud accounts and container registries
  • Get information about compliance configurations
  • Search for applications running on a machine
  • Create a Lacework Query Language (LQL) policy for custom alerts

As a REST API, Lacework API works with common REST API tools, such as curl or Postman.

The Lacework API reference documentation provides a complete list of the Lacework API endpoints, along with schema descriptions and sample requests and responses.

You can access the Lacework API reference documentation from the Lacework Console. From the Help menu, select API Documentation or API 2.0 Documentation. You can also access the reference documentation directly at the following URL:

Replace YourLacework with your Lacework application name. You do not need to log in to the Lacework Console to view the API reference documentation.