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API Keys and Access Tokens

The Lacework API uses bearer authentication to authorize API requests. To use bearer tokens, create an API access key in the Lacework Console. You can then use the key ID and the generated secret to get temporary access tokens for API requests.

Create API Keys

To create API keys, you must have the account admin role or otherwise have write permissions for API keys in the Lacework Console. See Access Control Overview for more information.

API keys apply to the account level only; that is, keys do not apply at the org level, across multiple accounts. You need to create a key in each account in which you want to use the API.

Create an API key in the Lacework Console in the Settings > Configuration > API keys page. After creating a key, you should download it and store it securely.

Each user can have up to 20 API keys. An API key doesn't expire but it can be disabled or deleted.

For details on creating a key in the Lacework Console, see API Keys.

Temporary API Tokens

Once you have an API key, you can generate temporary API access (bearer) tokens to use to access the Lacework API. Use the Lacework API's POST api/v2/access/tokens operation to create temporary API access (bearer) tokens.

HeadersX-LW-UAKS:YourSecretKey Content-Type:application/json
Request Body{ "keyId": YourAccessKeyID", "expiryTime": 3600 }

Replace YourSecretKey, YourAccessKeyID, and YourLacework with your values.

The expiryTime parameter is optional. If omitted from the request body, expiryTime defaults to 3600 seconds. The maximum expiryTime allowed is one day, 86400 seconds.

Generate Token Using Curl

To generate the API access token using curl, use a command in the following form:

curl -H "X-LW-UAKS:<YOUR_SECRET_KEY>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"keyId": "<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID>", "expiryTime":3600}' https://<YOUR_LACEWORK_URL>

To set a expiry time (other than the default), specify the expiryTime value in the body of the request:

curl -H "X-LW-UAKS:<YOUR_SECRET_KEY>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"keyId": "<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID>", "expiryTime":3600}' https://<YOUR_LACEWORK_URL> --data-raw '{ "keyId":"<YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID>", "expiryTime": 86400 }'


Generate Token Using Postman

To generate the API access token using Postman, construct your request as shown in the following image:

Request body with keyId and expiry time in Postman

Response Body

The response body returns the token and token expiration time in the following form:

“token”: “string”,
“expiresAt”: “datetime”