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At Lacework, we develop and launch services thinking of our customers first. We thrive when we have customer feedback.

Telemetry is additional information that helps us to better understand our customer's needs, diagnose issues, and deliver features that improve the customer experience.

The Lacework CLI collects telemetry, such as generic usage metrics, system and environment information, and errors.

For more details about types of telemetry collected, see Types of Information Collected.

The Lacework CLI does not collect personal information, such as IP address. It also does not collect sensitive information passed through arguments or flags, such as usernames and passwords.

Opt Out of Telemetry

To opt-out of telemetry for the Lacework CLI or Terraform, set the environment variable LW_TELEMETRY_DISABLE to true.


You must repeat the command for each new terminal or session or configure this environment variable globally.





Types of Information Collected

  • Usage information – Commands and subcommands that are run.
  • Errors and diagnostic information – The status and duration of commands that are run, including exit codes, and failures when connecting to the Lacework API.
  • System and environment information – The version, operating system (Windows, Linux, or macOS), installation method, and the environment in which the Lacework CLI is executed (for example, inside a CI system, or a terminal).