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January 2023 Linux Agent Release


Release Notes

  • Ecosystem certification - Lacework now supports the following new certified ecosystems, allowing you to deploy agents to these environments with assurance that there are no security gaps in your workloads.

    • Alma Linux 8.7 and 9.1
    • Rocky Linux 8.7, 9, and 9.1
    • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS 4.10
    • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Support for using the Lacework CLI to install the agent on all EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager - The Lacework CLI now supports the following command to enable you to install the Lacework agent on all your AWS EC2 instances using AWS Systems Manager.

    lacework agent aws-install ec2ssm


    This command is supported only for EC2 instances on which the SSM agent is installed. For more information, see Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with SSM Agent Preinstalled.