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November 2023 Linux Agent Release

  • Resolved an issue with the ssm-agent Terraform module that prevented the agent from connecting to the Lacework platform - On 17 October 2023, we made updates to the ssm-agent Terraform module (v0.11.0) used to install the Lacework agent on AWS EC2 instances managed by SSM. This release included a bug that installs misconfigured agents that are not able to connect to the Lacework platform.

    On 3 November 2023, the issue was identified and resolved with a released patch to the Terraform module (v0.11.2). This patch fixes the issue and reconnects all affected agents installed, once the patch is applied by you.

    If you used the Terraform module (v0.11.0) to install agents from 17 October to 3 November 2023, do the following:

    1. In the Lacework Console, go to Agents to open the Agents page.

      The AWS Instances with no Lacework agent table displays the list of EC2 instances on which agents are not installed, or the installed agents are unable to connect to the Lacework platform.

    2. Run the updated ssm-agent Terraform module to apply the fix that will reconnect to the agent

    Please reach out to Lacework Customer Support if you need more information.

v6.10.4 Release Notes

  • When you run GKE with Cilium CNI, the installation process renames the kublet binary to the-kublet. Because of this change, the agent cannot automatically discover the container runtime and will not be able to monitor the GKE cluster unless you set the containerruntime: containerd property in the config.json agent configuration file.

    Agent v6.10.2 adds support for automatically discovering the container runtime for clusters running GKE with Ciliumn CNI without the need to set the containerruntime: containerd property in the config.json file. Hence, Lacework recommends that you upgrade to Agent v6.10.2 or later version.

v6.10 Release Notes

Public Preview

  • Support for configuring package and process scan options in the Lacework Console - You can now configure package and process scan options in the Agent administration settings section in the Lacework Console.