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April 2024 Platform Releases

Generally Available

  • New datasource support - We’ve recently added datasource support for these additional AWS services:

    In addition, we’ve expanded support for these services: RDS, WAF, SSM, ELB, EC2 Elastic Beanstalk, CloudTrail, and CloudFormation.

    For details, see Datasource Metadata. Note that the introduction of new services may require you to modify the privileges of the Lacework user in your cloud accounts. For more information, see Maintain Cloud Integrations with Terraform.

  • Context panels for resources in the Cloud Compliance Dashboard are now available - See Context Panels for Resources for details.

  • New composite alert - The Potential penetration test alert enables faster response to Lacework detection of suspected penetration testing (red/blue/purple team) type activity by providing specific and detailed context. The provided details help you discern real penetration testing activity from actual malicious activity.

Limited Availability

  • Update to Code Security Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Terraform scanning - we've introduced fixes to how our IaC scanner resolves Terraform module references; as well as fixes to some Terraform checks. These fixes mean you may see a change in the number of findings for Terraform assessments; including the addition of valid true positive violations and the removal of false negative violations.