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March 2024 Platform Releases

Generally Available

  • Query improvement to lacework-global-496 - A query improvement has been made to lacework-global-496, which will fix an issue where some region specific GCR repositories were being flagged as non-compliant.

  • Compliance policy title and content updates - See Latest Changes (27th March 2024) in the Compliance Policy Catalog for details.

  • Violation policy title and content updates - Content improvements have been made to 15 violation policies.

    Of these, title improvements have been made to 5 AWS CloudTrail policies and 2 Kubernetes Audit Log policies.

    Click to display the violation policies with old and new titles
    Policy IDOld TitleNew Title
    lacework-global-1VPC ChangeVirtual Private Cloud (VPC) Change
    lacework-global-12IAM Policy ChangeIdentity and Access Management (IAM) Policy Change
    lacework-global-18Customer Master Key Scheduled for DeletionKey Management Service (KMS) Key Scheduled for Deletion
    lacework-global-21Successful Non-SAML Console Login Without MFASuccessful Non Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) Console Login Without Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    lacework-global-30S3 Bucket ACL ChangeS3 Bucket Access Control List (ACL) Change
    lacework-global-173Workload created with shared host PIDWorkload created with shared host Process ID (PID)
    lacework-global-174Workload created with shared host IPCWorkload created with shared host Inter-Process Communication (IPC)

Public Preview

  • A redesigned Dashboard is now available in the Lacework Console - The new Dashboard enables you to track the progress of your environment's security posture across three facets: risk metrics, resource groups, and time. See Dashboard for full details.
    • You can switch back and forth between the new and legacy dashboard at any time.

Documentation Updates