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Manage Alert Channels with Terraform

This topic provides a foundational overview for using Terraform to configure and manage Lacework alert channels.

For organizations that have adopted Hashicorp Terraform for automation, Lacework maintains the following open source projects on the Terraform Registry for automating the Lacework platform. The Terraform provider offers a growing collection of custom resources to manage the configuration of the Lacework platform. If you are new to the Terraform provider for Lacework, read the Terraform for Lacework Overview.

About Lacework Alert Channels

Lacework combines alert channels and alert rules to provide a flexible method for routing alerts. For alert channels (outgoing integrations), you define information about where to send alerts, such as to Jira or Slack. For alert rules, you define information about which alert types to send, such as critical and high severity compliance alerts. This two-part method provides the flexibility to define multiple channels and multiple rules and then have each rule use the channels you specify.

For example, you could define three channels in Lacework: email, Jira, and Slack. Then you can define multiple rules: critical severity alerts, high severity network and compliance alerts, high and medium alerts, and low and info alerts. Then select the appropriate channel(s) for each alert.

For more information about alert rules, see Managing Alert Rules with Terraform.

Configuring Alert Channels with Terraform

The following topics provide examples of configuring Lacework alert channels with Terraform.