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Terraform for Lacework Overview

This topic provides a foundational overview of using Terraform to manage the configuration of Lacework and integrations with public cloud providers, and other services.

For organizations that have adopted Hashicorp Terraform for automation, Lacework maintains the following open source projects on the Terraform Registry for automating the Lacework platform and integrations between Lacework and public cloud environments:

  • Terraform provider for Lacework - The Terraform provider for Lacework is a collection of custom resources for managing the configuration of the Lacework platform as code.
  • Terraform modules - A collection of Terraform modules for integrating AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure public cloud environments.

The purpose of the Lacework Terraform provider and modules is to enable you to manage all aspects of Lacework using automation in a manner that is fast, efficient, and secure.

Before Starting with Terraform for Lacework

Before using any of the Terraform projects for Lacework, it is helpful to have a solid understanding of how Terraform works, including writing plans, configuring Terraform providers, and using Terraform modules developed by Hashicorp and the Terraform community.

If you are new to Terraform and want to learn the basics, Hashicorp has excellent documentation on getting started with Terraform.

Terraform Version Support

Lacework Terraform projects support the latest 1.x version of Terraform and prior 3 minor versions. Current Latest Terraform Version

Older versions of Terraform may still work but it is not advised as these are not actively tested.


For information on telemetry collected by Lacework, see Telemetry.

Explore some specific use cases with Terraform for Lacework: