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April 2022 Linux Agent Releases

Release Notes

  • 5.5.1 - This minor release addresses the following issues:
    • Deploying the agent as an ECS Daemon Service incorrectly detected a Fargate launch type instead of the EC2 launch type, causing an error.
    • A zero-byte DNS response packet caused a runtime error.
    • The agent failed to detect log4j vulnerable applications inside containers when deployed in containers.
  • Lacework agent adds support for sidecar in ECS EC2 mode.
  • Ecosystem certification - Lacework adds certified support for the following ecosystem. Supported ecosystems allow customers to deploy our agent to these environments and be assured that there are no security gaps in their workloads. For this release, the agent supports:
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) support - In order to expand support for popular workload PaaS platforms, Lacework identified and built support based on our customers' cloud technologies and trends in our industry. For this release, the agent supports:
  • Download the latest agent release from the UI console - Lacework now allows customers to download the latest version of the agent from the Lacework console. The latest version replaces the fleet upgrade version in the Lacework console.
  • Add Helm Chart configuration to enable FIM - This release offers support for enabling and configuring File Integrity Monitoring with Helm charts for the agent. Helm charts now support FIM parameters, including the File_Path, File_Ignore, and Crawl_Interval.