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October and November 2022 Linux Agent Releases


Release Notes


Release Notes

  • Ecosystem certification - Lacework adds certified support for the following ecosystems. Supported ecosystems ensure that customers can deploy our agent to these environments with assurance that there are no security gaps in their workloads. For this release, the agent supports:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9
    • Rocky Linux 8.6
    • Container-Optimized OS from Google 97
  • Ability to specify the perfmode property on Helm charts - You can set the perfmode property in your Lacework Helm charts using the --set laceworkConfig.perfmode=PERFMODE_TYPE option. For more information, see Specify the perfmode Property on Helm Charts.
  • Reduced CPU usage in lite mode by disabling process scanning - Process scanning is now disabled in lite mode to reduce CPU usage by the Lacework agent. To enable process scanning in lite mode, add the following to the config.json file. For more information, see procscan Property.
    "procscan": {
    "enable": "true"