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May 2020 Platform Releases


  • Kubernetes Launch Alerts—The Lacework Console provides new alerts for Kubernetes launch events, such as for new clusters, namespaces, and pods. For more information, Kubernetes Launch Alerts.
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub Alert Channel—You can configure Lacework to forward events to this Google Cloud Pub/Sub asynchronous messaging service using the Lacework Google Cloud Pub/Sub alert channel. For more information, see Google Cloud Pub/Sub.
  • Google Cloud Integration Credential Uploading—When providing credential information for Google Cloud integrations, you can now upload the Google Cloud JSON key file to the Lacework Console. Previously, credential fields had to be filled manually.
  • CVSS v3.1 Data Collection—Lacework now collects CVSS v3.1 data. This collection affects old CVEs without metadata and new CVEs. This update does not affect existing metadata.
  • Lacework Account Name Added to the Jira Alert Channel—When a Jira ticket is created by the Lacework Jira alert channel, the Lacework account name is now included in the details.
  • Reduced Event Severities for Combine Threat Sources—Events that are derived from Lacework's implementation of combine threat sources now have reduced severities. Incoming bad IP event severity was reduced from Critical to Medium. Outgoing bad IP event severity was reduced from Critical to High.


  • This release contains bug fixes.