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March 2019 Platform Releases

  • Compliance Features and Improvements: Lacework has multiple improvements and new features for Cloud Compliance capabilities, with the goal of more coverage and efficiency.
    • You can now monitor your Compliance Trends at a glance directly from Dashboard > COMPLIANCE TRENDS OVER TIME graphs for all your configured cloud accounts to include AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Default view is 7 days trending and one click to drill down into details of the compliance trend
    • AWS Compliance Recommendations: New AWS security best practices added to monitor configuration of Network ACLs, AWS Lambda security, available under AWS Compliance Reports -> (NETWORKING, LW GENERAL SECURITY)
    • Encrypted AWS CloudTrail support: We now support AWS CloudTrail bucket using Server-Side Encryption with AWS KMS-Managed Keys, please see details on our support documentation for configuration.
    • AWS CloudTrail Events Aggregation: Similar CloudTrail related events across your configured AWS accounts are aggregated as single events vs. multiple events for easy triage and investigation.
    • Simplified Azure Configuration: Simplified configuration support for integrating your Azure accounts using Lacework install scripts. refer to support documentation for details.
    • Custom Policies (Limited Beta): Currently Lacework implements an automated way to discover behaviors on monitored entities and alert based on anomalies within those behaviors specific to you environment. Lacework received feedback about the need to define environment specific alerts (Policies/Rules) in addition to behavior based monitoring. These may be specific to your internal security goals or compliance driven controls, while Lacework will detect these the first time they happen, it will not generate multiple alerts for repeated behavior and needed a user configurable approach. To learn more about how to use Custom Policies refer to this support article.
    • API Enhancements: Introducing programmatic access to manage Lacework Agent Tokens using the Lacework API; this simplifies your host deployment automation workflows. For more information, see the Lacework API.