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September 2019 Platform Releases

New Features

  • Custom Policies: We are announcing general availability for Custom Policies and announcing Daily as an additional capability for Event notification frequency, this option allows you to select events notification frequency for certain rules. For more information and details,
  • We are excited to announce Container Vulnerability Assessment in Private Beta: In this release Container Vulnerability Assessment capabilities include:
    • Continuously identify, monitor and prioritize remediation of software vulnerabilities within your Container images and deployed environments.
    • Continuously monitor software risk profile in your Container registries to include DockerHub, AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry), Google Cloud GCR (Google Container Registry)
    • Continuously assess runtime risk across deployed Container environments with container vulnerability assessments to prioritize risks critical to your environment.

Please reach out to our Customer success team ( to join the limited beta program

Feature Updates/ Fixes

  • Jira Software Server Support: We extended our support for Jira software server for integrating with self managed installations in addition to the Jira cloud option. For more information, see

  • Platform APIs: We extended our platform API capabilities with multiple new API endpoints and new API documentation system.

    * **Compliance Report APIs for Google Cloud, Azure**
    * **Run Report APIs:** Ability to be able to run compliance report on demand in addition to regular schedule.
    * **Integration APIs to integrate AWS Cloud accounts**

    For more information, see the Lacework API.

  • Issue fixes

    • Addressed an issue with New Relic/Lacework test integration does not successfully send test event
    • In certain scenarios Jira integration may not not have attachments for issues reported from Lacework console
    • This release address a known issue with LW_AWS_SERVERLESS_2 compliance rule may incorrectly flag assets for violations for cross account policies attached to the serverless functions.