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November 2019 Platform Releases

New Features

v2.50 Release

  • Support for Time Zones in the Lacework Console—Any timestamps in the Lacework Console now include the user’s local timezone. Some of the console components that have timestamps include events, dashboards, compliance PDFs, CSV reports, etc.

v2.43 Release

  • Container Vulnerability Assessment Alerts and Policies—Container Vulnerability Assessment can now include alerts to notify you of detected CVEs. You can also create and configure custom vulnerability rules. For more information, see Container Vulnerability Assessment in

  • Behavior Anomaly Alert Suppression—You can now use policies to suppress AWS and workload behavior-based alerts. For more information, see

  • Additional Filter for the Events dashboard—The Ports filter is now available.

  • Additional Filters for Google Cloud and Azure Dossiers

    • Google Cloud—Caller IP, Principal Email, Project ID, Project Name, Region
    • Azure—Caller IP, Provider Name, Role, User Name