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June 2019 Platform Releases

  • Support for Jira Outgoing Integration: You can configure Lacework to forward events to Jira using the Jira integration REST API that creates a new Jira open issue for each Lacework event that meets or exceeds the specified alert severity level within the maximum limit of 10 new issues per hour. For more information, see Jira Integration.
    • Support for Integration APIs: The Lacework Integration API provides listings of the integrations that exist in your Lacework application. In addition, you can disable or enable an integration. For more information, see the Lacework API.
    • Support for custom policies: The Custom Policies feature continues to be in general beta for this release. This feature is available from the MONITOR > Policies menu option. For more information, see Use Policies.
    • FIM Visibility Updates: The data exposed in the FIM section of the Lacework Console was updated.