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May 2021 Platform Releases


  • Usage page updates—The Lacework Console Usage page now includes resource counts for all cloud providers. The Usage Summary displays the total number of resources within all your integrated cloud accounts. The Lacework Accounts and Cloud Accounts sections display the number of deployed resources for each account. For more information, see Usage.
  • Compliance recommendations—Support for an additional compliance recommendation: LW_AWS_NETWORKING_50-CloudFront View Protocol Policy should use https-only.
  • Improved AWS SOC 2 Rev2 report—The Lacework AWS Compliance Reports page now includes the improved AWS SOC 2 Rev2 report. Lacework also supports the older AWS SOC 2 report.
  • Vulnerability scanner support for Redhat Enterprise Linux minimal images—The Lacework container vulnerability scanner supports Redhat Enterprise Linux minimal images.


  • Lacework API v2—Lacework announces the release of API v2. This version includes only control plane APIs for users to retrieve information and manage settings in a manner similar in scope to the Lacework Console's Settings menu. The new API endpoints for the control plane APIs include the following:

    • Agent Access Tokens
    • Alert Channels
    • Alert Rules
    • Cloud Accounts
    • Container Registries
    • Contract Info
    • Report Rules
    • Resource Groups
    • Team Members
    • User Profiles

    The Lacework API v2 documentation is available at the following URL: You can also access the API documentation from the Lacework Console at Help > API 2.0 Documentation.

  • Support for Google Artifact Registry—Lacework supports integration with Google Artifact Registry (GAR). Artifact Registry is a universal package management service that supports containers and other formats. For more information, see Integrate with Google Artifact Registry.