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February 2021 Platform Releases


  • GitHub Container Registry integration support—The Lacework Console container registry integration introduces support for GitHub Container Registry. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Container Registry to integrate with GitHub Container Registry. For more information, see Integrate GitHub Container Registry.
  • Lacework organization sub-account name updates—The ability to enroll in an organization is currently in invitation-only, limited beta. If you are enrolled in a Lacework organization, this release introduces updates to sub-account names and URLs that result in the following behavior:
    • Login URL
      • Log in to a sub-account through the org URL. For example, logging in through - This remains supported.
      • Log in to a sub-account through the sub-account URL. For example, logging in through - Redirection to the org URL is supported for 6 months. Afterward, sub-account users must log in through the org URL.
    • Lacework Console
      • Name of the organization and the name of the account used for initial enrollment cannot be changed.
      • Sub-account names can be changed but with these limits: Cannot be changed to the name of its organization or any existing accounts within that organization. If an account name is changed, additional updates are required, for example, to scripts that access the Lacework API server. For more information, see the Role-Based API Authentication for Organizations section in API Access Keys and Tokens.
    • Shared URLs and event links
      • All existing links - Supported for 6 months
      • New links for organizations and sub-accounts - The account name will be added to make it easier to identify the sub-account the event is for, for example,
    • API URL
      • Existing sub-account URLs - Supported for 6 months. After this, they will be deprecated. Ensure you change API requests so they use the organization URL for example,
      • New URLs - Ensure all API requests use the organization URL, for example,
    • Audit logs
      Audit logs save sub-account name change activity. Audit logs do not save name activities for: new account creation, organizations, or standalone accounts.
  • Compliance Recommendations—Support for the following additional compliance recommendations:
    • LW_AWS_NETWORKING_48-Attached VPC CIDR block(s) should be in allowlist
    • LW_AWS_NETWORKING_49-Load Balancers should have Access Logs enabled


  • Inline remote scanner—The Lacework inline remote scanner allows you to integrate Lacework security capabilities deeply into your software supply chain workflows by allowing you to scan and assess Docker container images for vulnerabilities without checking the images into a container registry.

    After you create a remote scanner integration in the Lacework Console, you can download and deploy the inline remote scanner as a binary within your development tool chain. For example, you can run it in your continuous integration pipeline or for local developer builds. When the remote scanner is triggered (such as during a new container image build), it collects data about the container image and then initiates a request for assessment by Lacework. After Lacework assesses the image for vulnerabilities, any that are found are identified and reported under the Lacework Console’s Container Vulnerability Assessment.

    For information about completing the remote scanner integration process and deploying the remote scanner as a binary, see Integrate the Remote Scanner. For information about viewing assessment information, see Container Vulnerability Assessment Overview.

  • Compliance Recommendations—Support for the following additional compliance recommendations:

    • LW_AWS_IAM_14-No IAM users with password-based console access should exist
    • LW_AWS_RDS_1-RDS should not have a Public Interface