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June 2021 Platform Releases


  • API key limit increase—The API key limit is now 20 per user. The previous limit was 2 per user.
  • Lacework Snowflake data share supports cloud resource management—The Lacework Snowflake data share supports resource management data. This is the v.5 release of the Lacework Snowflake data share. For more information, see CLOUD_RESOURCES_V View.
  • Filter events by cloud account alias-You can filter events using a cloud account alias (such as Production or Dev) in the Lacework events dashboard. There is a new Account Alias filter drop-down in the Events dossier console.


  • Webhook alert channel—The webhook payload for compliance events now includes the recommendation ID.
  • Increased Lacework account limit within Lacework organizations—A Lacework organization now supports 100 accounts.