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July 2021 Platform Releases


  • LW_AWS_NETWORKING_1 update - The LW_AWS_NETWORKING_1 recommendation was updated to more accurately reflect the compliance check.

  • AWS APIs support - In addition to the existing AWS APIs, Lacework resource inventory also ingests the following AWS APIs:

    • Amazon IAM list-mfa-devices API
    • Amazon EC2 APIs:
  • Platform alerts - Do you want to know if there are issues with the audit log integration between your cloud account (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and Lacework? Then, enable the policy to use Platform alerts. Platform alerts notify you of audit log integration failures from your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud account to Lacework whenever they occur, so that you can immediately troubleshoot the issue. This feature provides additional security visibility. For details, see View and Configure Platform Alerts


  • Global container image vulnerability assessment configuration - Lacework continuously reassesses container images for new vulnerabilities. Lacework now allows you to control which images are continuously reassessed. In the Lacework Console, navigate to Settings > General Settings and go to the Continuous Assessment section. You can choose to reassess only images active in the past 24 hours and images with a specific tag or label. For more information, see General Settings.