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lacework alert close

Close an alert


Use this command to change the status of an alert to closed.

The reason for closing the alert must be provided from the following options:

  • 0 - Other
  • 1 - False positive
  • 2 - Not enough information
  • 3 - Malicious and have resolution in place
  • 4 - Expected because of routine testing.

Reasons may be provided inline or via prompt.

If you choose Other, a comment is required and should contain a brief explanation of why the alert is closed. Comments may be provided inline or via editor.

Note: A closed alert cannot be reopened. You will be prompted to confirm closure of the alert.
This prompt can be bypassed with the --noninteractive flag

lacework alert close <alert_id> [flags]


  -c, --comment string   a comment to associate with the alert closure
-h, --help help for close
-r, --reason int the reason for closing the alert (default -1)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --account string      account subdomain of URL (i.e. <ACCOUNT>
-k, --api_key string access key id
-s, --api_secret string secret access key
--api_token string access token (replaces the use of api_key and api_secret)
--debug turn on debug logging
--json switch commands output from human-readable to json format
--nocache turn off caching
--nocolor turn off colors
--noninteractive turn off interactive mode (disable spinners, prompts, etc.)
--organization access organization level data sets (org admins only)
-p, --profile string switch between profiles configured at ~/.lacework.toml
--subaccount string sub-account name inside your organization (org admins only)