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lacework generate cloud-account azure

Generate and/or execute Terraform code for Azure integration


Use this command to generate Terraform code for deploying Lacework into new Azure environment.

By default, this command will function interactively, prompting for the required information to setup the new cloud account. In interactive mode, this command will:

  • Prompt for the required information to setup the integration
  • Generate new Terraform code using the inputs
  • Optionally, run the generated Terraform code:
    • If Terraform is already installed, the version will be confirmed suitable for use
    • If Terraform is not installed, or the version installed is not suitable, a new version will be installed into a temporary location
    • Once Terraform is detected or installed, Terraform plan will be executed
    • The command will prompt with the outcome of the plan and allow to view more details or continue with Terraform apply
    • If confirmed, Terraform apply will be run, completing the setup of the cloud account
lacework generate cloud-account azure [flags]


      --activity_log                           enable active log integration
--activity_log_integration_name string specify a custom activity log integration name
--ad_create create new active directory integration (default true)
--ad_id string existing active directory application id
--ad_pass string existing active directory application password
--ad_pid string existing active directory application service principle id
--all_subscriptions subscription ids grant read access to ALL subscriptions within Tenant (overrides subscription ids)
--apply run terraform apply for the generated hcl
--configuration enable configuration integration
--configuration_name string specify a custom configuration integration name
--existing_storage use existing storage account
-h, --help help for azure
--location string specify azure region where storage account logging resides
--management_group management group level integration
--management_group_id string specify management group id. Required if mgmt_group provided
--output string location to write generated content (default is ~/lacework/azure)
--storage_account_name string specify storage account name
--storage_resource_group string specify storage resource group
--subscription_id string specify the Azure Subscription ID to be used to provision Lacework resources
--subscription_ids strings list of subscriptions to grant read access; format is id1,id2,id3

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --account string      account subdomain of URL (i.e. <ACCOUNT>
-k, --api_key string access key id
-s, --api_secret string secret access key
--api_token string access token (replaces the use of api_key and api_secret)
--debug turn on debug logging
--json switch commands output from human-readable to json format
--nocache turn off caching
--nocolor turn off colors
--noninteractive turn off interactive mode (disable spinners, prompts, etc.)
--organization access organization level data sets (org admins only)
-p, --profile string switch between profiles configured at ~/.lacework.toml
--subaccount string sub-account name inside your organization (org admins only)