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lacework query validate

Validate a query


Use this command to validate a single LQL query before creating it.

There are multiple ways you can validate a query:

  • Typing the query into your default editor (via $EDITOR)
  • From a local file on disk using the flag '--file'
  • From a URL using the flag '--url'

There are also multiple formats you can use to define a query:

  • Javascript Object Notation (JSON)
  • YAML Ain't Markup Language (YAML)

To launch your default editor and validate a query.

lacework query validate
lacework query validate [flags]


  -f, --file string   path to a query to validate
-h, --help help for validate
-u, --url string url to a query to validate

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --account string      account subdomain of URL (i.e. <ACCOUNT>
-k, --api_key string access key id
-s, --api_secret string secret access key
--api_token string access token (replaces the use of api_key and api_secret)
--debug turn on debug logging
--json switch commands output from human-readable to json format
--nocache turn off caching
--nocolor turn off colors
--noninteractive turn off interactive mode (disable spinners, prompts, etc.)
--organization access organization level data sets (org admins only)
-p, --profile string switch between profiles configured at ~/.lacework.toml
--subaccount string sub-account name inside your organization (org admins only)