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lacework configure

Configure the Lacework CLI


Configure settings that the Lacework CLI uses to interact with the Lacework platform. These include your Lacework account, API access key and secret.

To create a set of API keys, log in to your Lacework account via WebUI and navigate to Settings > API Keys and click + Create New. Enter a name for the key and an optional description, then click Save. To get the secret key, download the generated API key file.

Use the flag --json_file to preload the downloaded API key file.

If this command is run with no flags, the Lacework CLI will store all settings under the default profile. The information in the default profile is used any time you run a Lacework CLI command that doesn't explicitly specify a profile to use.

You can configure multiple profiles by using the --profile flag. If a config file does not exist (the default location is ~/.lacework.toml), the Lacework CLI will create it for you.

lacework configure [flags]


  -h, --help               help for configure
-j, --json_file string loads the API key JSON file downloaded from the WebUI

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --account string      account subdomain of URL (i.e. <ACCOUNT>
-k, --api_key string access key id
-s, --api_secret string secret access key
--api_token string access token (replaces the use of api_key and api_secret)
--debug turn on debug logging
--json switch commands output from human-readable to json format
--nocache turn off caching
--nocolor turn off colors
--noninteractive turn off interactive mode (disable spinners, prompts, etc.)
--organization access organization level data sets (org admins only)
-p, --profile string switch between profiles configured at ~/.lacework.toml
--subaccount string sub-account name inside your organization (org admins only)