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January 2022 Platform Releases


  • Vulnerability Exceptions - You can now create and apply exceptions to vulnerabilities for hosts and containers. This includes a new page in the Lacework Console (Vulnerabilities > Exceptions). See Vulnerability Exceptions for details.

    • For inline scanner (v0.2.4 and above), use the --exceptions flag with the image evaluate command to include exceptions in the evaluation report.
    • For inline scanner(v0.2.6 and above), specify the registry of the local image that you want to scan by using the --registry string flag with the image evaluate command.
  • New Proxy Scanner configuration fields added to support public registries, Amazon ECR, and GCR integrations - The Proxy Scanner configuration now contains new fields that help integrate with public registries, Amazon ECR, and GCR. See Configure the Proxy Scanner for details.

  • Deprecation of Inline Scanner command flag - The --scan-library-packages command flag is deprecated from v0.2.4 onwards. The --disable-library-package-scanning flag is available instead to disable non-OS package scanning of container images (this was enabled by default in the v4.42 release).

  • Lacework API v2 update: additionalProperties keyword set to true - For all response schemas, the additionalProperties keyword is now set to true. This means additional fields or properties can be added to responses in the future. For information about the additionalProperties keyword, see the JSON Schema online documentation.

  • Additional violation case added to certain Azure CIS 1.3.1 rules - For the Azure CIS 1.3.1 benchmark report, the Lacework Console will warn you if Azure ATP is disabled for the following rules: