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June 2022 Platform Releases

Release Notes

  • Kubernetes Secrets can be used in Proxy Scanner configurations for Kubernetes Helm Chart deployments - Kubernetes Secrets can be used to store registry and access token credentials when deploying the Proxy Scanner using Kubernetes Helm Charts.
    • See existingSecret for guidance on using existing secrets for the Lacework Access Token.
    • See registry_secret_name for guidance on using existing secrets for the Registries section.
  • Operating System Kernel vulnerabilities are now excluded from Container scans - Containers do not run a kernel of their own, but instead rely on the Host OS for kernel features. As such, these packages are now excluded during container image scans.
  • Enhanced Timestamp Information - For AWS CloudTrail, the Lacework Console now shows detailed timestamps in the WHAT section and other Evidence dossiers. The tables in the dossiers show records in the original order (based on timestamp).
  • Vulnerability Management - Improved NPM package collection and vulnerability detection.
  • Container Vulnerability Policies are now GA - See Container Vulnerability Policies for details.
  • Azure Resource Management - Lacework now supports Resource Management for Azure. The Azure Resource Inventory page allows you to view and monitor in-use Azure resources and track their changes (diffs). The resources are collected once a day.
  • Audit Log Updates - Improved Audit Log operations from both Lacework Console and Lacework API to include:
    • Who, When, and What operations.
    • Any create, update, modify, or delete activity.
    • Any create, enable, disable, modify, delete activity to resource groups.
  • Filter the visible accounts on the Cloud Compliance page - Use the Visible accounts option on the Cloud Compliance page to view Compliance details for specific cloud provider accounts.