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December 2022 Platform Releases

Release Notes

  • LW Risk Score improvements - Host risk is now scored on an absolute scale that is not relative to other resources in your environment, making it more representative and and more stable over time.
  • (Deprecated) Disable legacy CIS policies option now available - Use the Disable legacy CIS policies in the Lacework Console (Settings > General) to disable legacy CIS policies and associated reports indefinitely. Please note that once this option is selected for a cloud vendor, the policies and reports are disabled forever.
    • See Disable Old CIS Policies - Legacy Policies and Reports (now deprecated) for a list of all policies and reports that will be disabled when using this option.
  • On-demand compliance scans - Use on-demand compliance scans to reassess your integrated cloud accounts at the click of a button. See On-Demand Compliance Scans for details.
  • CIS Azure 1.5.0 Benchmark report and policies are now generally available - See CIS Azure 1.5.0 Benchmark Report for detailed information.