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April 2022 Platform Releases

Release Notes

  • Lacework Policy Platform - Lacework introduces the Lacework policy platform, a highly scalable platform for building, customizing, and validating policies. Now you can create custom policies so alerts are tailored to the specific needs of your environment. The policy platform has these components: Lacework Query Language (LQL), alert profiles, and policies.

    LQL is a SQL-like query language for specifying the selection, filtering, and manipulation of data. Queries let you interactively request information from specifed curated datasources. For details about LQL data, syntax, and operators, see LQL Overview.

    Alert profiles are sets of metadata that define how your LQL queries get consumed into alerts. For details, see Alert Profile Overview.

    Policies are how you add annotated metadata to queries to improve the context of alerts, reports, and information displayed in the Lacework Console. Policies are completely customizable and the ability to create custom policies augments Lacework’s comprehensive set of out-of-the-box policies. For details, see Create a Policy.

  • New policy workflow - New policy workflows provide you with a platform to author custom policies for varied use-cases and provide additional metrics around policy usage.

  • New Cloud Compliance Dossier - A new Cloud Compliance Dossier is available on the Lacework Console. The Cloud Compliance menu consolidates all cloud providers under one page. View Compliance details and group by policies, assessments (including CIS benchmarks), services or accounts. See Cloud Compliance Dashboard for a full description of features.

  • New Reports Dossier - A new Reports dossier is available on the Lacework Console. Compliance reports for all cloud vendors can be viewed and downloaded from this page, showing compliant/non-compliant policies and resources. See Reports for detailed information.

  • CIS AWS 1.4.0 Benchmark Compliance Report - New compliance policies have been added for the CIS AWS 1.4.0 benchmark. See CIS AWS 1.4.0 Benchmark Report for detailed information.

    • This report is accessible through the new Reports Dossier, whilst older AWS CIS benchmark reports are still available through the AWS Compliance Reports page. See the changes to benchmark reporting section for a list of changes.
  • Go binary scanning support available in Platform and Proxy scanners - Previously, scanning of Go binaries was only available using the Lacework Inline Scanner. It is now supported using the Platform Scanner or Proxy Scanner.

    • Additional configuration fields are now required to enable Go binary scanning when using the Proxy Scanner. See go_binary_scanning for details.